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How Digital Wellness Coaching Can Improve Your Health

So many people think that losing weight and getting fit requires hundreds of dollars in gym fees, personal training sessions, and fancy nutrition programs. However, new studies show that men and women who worked with digital wellness coaches lost about a pound a month over the course of a year! When you’re struggling with your weight, ten pounds can drastically improve your health and reduce the chance of many of the risks associated with obesity. Plus, digital coaches are inexpensive, making them a valuable tool for just about everyone.   What is Digital Wellness Coaching? Through chats over the phone or through your preferred messaging service, health professionals will delve into your personal health history, examining your motivations and any areas you’re struggling with. They are trained to motivate you and encourage your plan for progress.   What Has Research Found? Recent studies looked at two groups of people with similar BMIs to start. The research revealed that 30% of the people who utilized digital coaching services as a way to lose weight, eat healthier, …

Is Going to Bed on an Empty Stomach a Good Idea?

Have you ever been to bed on an empty stomach? If you have, then you are familiar with hunger pains preventing you from getting a full night’s rest. But the majority of people still think it is a good idea because it might help them lose some weight. However, they are wrong because going to bed hungry only makes things worse. First of all, you will wake up hungry, which means overeating in the morning and feeling guilty as well as stuffed later. Also, the time you chose to eat doesn’t make any difference in your diet, because calories are calories, whether you eat them during the day or right before going to bed. So what can you do to stay healthy and fit? You can start by avoiding to go to bed hungry, since it lowers the metabolism, which actually encourages gaining weight. Not to mention that it lowers the immune system and breaks down your muscles. Without necessary nutrients, your muscles start to deteriorate due to insufficient energy. So, out with the old …

The Best Sports to Lose Weight

One of the most widespread conditions in the modern age is obesity. Our current lifestyles and nutrition are leading to many of use having problems with excess weight, which is bad for many reasons. Not only that it’s not visually appealing, but obesity can lead to many health problems including vascular, cardiac, and other diseases.