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Having trouble sleeping? Eat!

Tick tock, tick tock; the clock keeps on ticking and you keep on turning and tossing in bed without hope that you will get a proper eight hours of sleep. What could be the problem causing your insomnia? According to studies, lack of sleep increases the risks of developing serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, lower immune system, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even obesity. But, all of these threats can be easily eliminated with one simple solution – food. You are what you eat, so put a stop to your sleep deprivation by being watchful of your diet as this highly affects the sleep cycle. The next time you find yourself restless at night, remember the tips listed below.     Going Hungry to Bed   The majority of people believe that going hungry to bed means losing excessive weight. They couldn’t be more wrong because this is the quickest way to insomnia and weight gaining. Just think about how stressed your body is, hence, you will not be able to get rested. Therefore, …

The Best Sports to Lose Weight

One of the most widespread conditions in the modern age is obesity. Our current lifestyles and nutrition are leading to many of use having problems with excess weight, which is bad for many reasons. Not only that it’s not visually appealing, but obesity can lead to many health problems including vascular, cardiac, and other diseases.