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Part-Time Dieting

Losing weight seems to be one of the highly troubling problems in society; whether you’re having problems with a couple of extra pounds, or if you’re dealing with a serious issue such as obesity which can damage your health, it’s definite that diets are very familiar to you.

Nowadays, medical experts are devoting their time to various conducting researches and studies. The recent results on this subject and in regard to part-time dieting may come as a surprise to you and actually make a difference the next time you step on your scale.

Dieting Is a Shock to Your Metabolism

Every time you change your habits, your body feels them and has a response to it. The key to successful dieting lies in burning more calories than you intake – which is something you’re familiar with. However, what you probably don’t know is that your metabolism gets practically shocked when you put it on a strict diet.

A research done in Australia and published in the International Journal of Obesity shows interesting data. Two study groups were examined; the first one went through a consistent diet which lasted for sixteen weeks, while the other had a break of two weeks in the middle of the process so their dieting lasted for thirty weeks.

Interestingly enough, the second group managed to lose something over ten kilograms while the results for the first one were disappointing – the number tipped just a bit over three kilograms.

More Positive Energy, Less Weight

Another thing you’ve probably experienced every time you enroll in a new diet is frustration. You need to understand that the negativity you’re feeling doesn’t come just from your mind, but from your body as well. This research clearly shows that an adaptive period eases in the whole process. Instead of torturing your body by subjecting it to a strict diet, you should allow a little break.

You should also know that the two groups we mentioned were also examined after the experiment – the second one had less trouble with maintaining the new weight, while the first group bounced back to their original number faster. So, that’s another useful thing to have in mind when you start a new diet.


Losing weight isn’t easy. It requires mental and physical strength. Therefore, make sure to arm yourself with valid information such as this one before you subject yourself to a new eating regimen. Not only that your results will be more satisfying, but you will also be able to take proper care of your health which should be your priority.

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