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How to Stay Healthy on a Delicious Diet

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to limit your food cravings? People are often mistaken when it comes to dieting and the correct way to lose some weight. Although following a dietary program helps you regain a bit of control, it also supports making nutritional mistakes that often endanger normal bodily functions.

However, the trick is finding the right balance. Meaning you can, and you should, enjoy pasta with a glass of wine or occasionally indulge in dairy goods and bread treats. Tasty and healthy can go hand in hand, but only by embracing the “no rules” Mediterranean diet regime.


What is a Mediterranean Diet?    

Mediterranean cuisine is officially one of the healthiest choices people can make regarding their food selection. Traditional healthy living habits of people on the border of the Mediterranean Sea are commonly based upon a lot of fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish, beans, and nuts but without excluding a balanced dose of meat, dairy, grains, and red wine.

This diet plan is so good for health that even a 2013 study claims people following the Mediterranean program had 30% lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. But the perks don’t stop here, as yet another set of studies point out this diet slows aging on top of protecting our memory and thinking abilities. Thus, not only does it keep one healthy and on the desired weight goal, it also lowers the chances of developing cognitive problems later in life by 19%.


What Can You Eat

Similarly to the Eatwell Guide, a Mediterranean diet meal plan includes a diverse food palette with an exception of avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages and added sugar, processed meat, and other processed foods.

To get a clearer picture of unhealthy foods, try to stay as far as possible from ingredients such as:

  • Soda;
  • Candies;
  • Refined wheat;
  • Soybean, cottonseed, canola, and other types of refined oils;
  • Processed meat like hot dogs, sausages, etc.;
  • Anything with the “low-fat” or “diet” label;


On the other hand, feel free to pamper your body with:

  • Fruits and Veggies: Bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, melons, oranges, pears, tomatoes, and more.
  • Sea Food and Fish: Tuna, salmon, trout, clams, oysters, etc.
  • Poultry: Chicken, turkey, duck, and so on.  
  • Nuts and Seeds: Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, etc.
  • Legumes: Peas and beans, peanuts, lentils, and so on.
  • Whole Grains: Brown rice, corn, whole wheat, pasta, barley, whole grain bread, etc.
  • Dairy: Yoghurt, cheese, etc.
  • Eggs: Chicken, duck, and quail eggs.
  • Spices: Rosemary, basil, garlic, sage, pepper, etc.
  • Healthy Oils: Virgin olive oil and avocado oil.


In addition, you can eat red meat and tubers while drinking red wine, coffee and tea. Of course, without adding extra sugar to the cup.


All in all, the meal of the day is entirely up to you. If you’re looking for balance, just replace candies with a fruit snack several times a day and consume fish twice a day.

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