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Outsmarting Cravings Has Never Been Easier with These Methods

Oh, the food cravings! It’s the worst because it’s very hard to resist eating snacks that are tasty but fattening. Don’t dwell, we have the perfect solution for you.

We all want to flaunt that picture-perfect body we see in magazines. However, it can be pretty difficult when we have so many delicious distractions everywhere around us. When we get that urge to eat everything we can think of, it’s very hard to get rid of it. And unfortunately, it happens to all of us…

But, think no more! We have listed 4 perfect solutions that will help you obliterate any cravings. Just keep on reading and prepare to fight that desire like a real soldier.

  • Eat Protein

Food cravings occur because of psychological reasons. Your blood sugar level drops and your brain processes the information as hunger, which makes you want to eat more. In order to stop this phenomenon from happening, every meal should include some source of lean protein.

Protein controls blood sugar patterns and helps you fight off the cravings.

Foods containing protein also help you feel fuller by producing cholecystokinin which is a natural appetite-suppressant.

That means that you can still eat delicious foods, such as chicken, turkey, eggs, and low-fat cheese while fending off upcoming cravings.

  • Water

Yes, this all-mighty tasteless, colorless liquid may be the key to fighting off those cravings. When your body is dehydrated, your brain confuses dehydration with hunger. That’s when it sends out signals which you can mistake for cravings.

When you get the cravings, try drinking a cup of water first, to make sure that it’s actually hunger instead of dehydration. Almost half the time you will notice that it was thirst after all.

It is recommended to drink at least 2L of water per day, which is not only great to stop the cravings, but it is also amazing for shedding fat.

  • Stop stressing out

Stress is a terrible thing! It is known, among other things, to induce those darn food cravings and influencing eating patterns. Women are especially prone to this singularity.

People who are stressed out usually turn to food to soothe their feelings, which leads to weight gain and fat.

Stress raises your blood’s cortisol levels which are known for encouraging fat gain, especially in the belly area.

The key is to find a productive way to fight it off. You could try meditation, exercising, or any other form of stress-release.


  • Eat nuts

Whenever you have a craving, try eating an ounce of nuts and witness the power it has.

Nuts like almonds, Brazilian nut or even cashew are very healthy. They are filled with minerals, fibers and are also known to be beneficial for fat loss. They will help you change your body’s chemistry for the time being, which results in the sensation of being full. They are filled with fibers and are also known to be beneficial for fat loss.


Now that you know the most effective methods of suppressing those cravings, brighten up and start the fight! You will notice a vast improvement in a short amount of time which will empower you to continue with healthy nutrition and give you that body you always desired.

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