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21-Day Challenge: Easy Way to Increase Your Veggie Intake

The connection we share with vegetables is really disappointing. An astonishing 87% of Americans fail to eat enough veggies or at least come close to the recommended amount. Unfortunately, the same goes for fruits as well. In the age of fast food and easy snacks, people are addicted to unhealthy choices simply because they think they taste better. But the truth is that nothing can come close to nature and the nurturing hand of fresh, vitamin-bursting plants.

In order to reconnect the masses with the healthy properties of green snacks and influence people’s eating habits, the 21-day challenge raised up with a simple, yet efficient dietary plan. For 21 days and day by day, just prepare and put out a plate of vegetables before your main meal. Then take a picture and share it on popular social media platforms to motivate others to join you.

It is that simple! And it works so well because it is subtle – you won’t be able to resist taking a few bites when you see all those delicious fruit and veggies. Soon enough, it will become a pattern and a part of your daily routine. Try it and discover what your flavor of the day is.

Day 1:  Frozen goodies       

Frozen vegetables are an enormous source of nutrients, so fill up your fridge and replace junk with value.

Day 2: If you can’t join them – fry them!

Why go for Chinese takeout when you can make fried veggies yourself, only without so many calories? Don’t be lazy, stir up the pot!

Day 3: Roasted Brussels sprouts

Here we come to a type of food you only think you don’t like. Actually, you would be surprised at how good veggies can taste if you only prepare them correctly.  

Day 4: Are you in for some bake kale chips?

Kale is a vitamin powerhouse, so combining kale and chips is an excellent idea. When baked and crispy, kale chips can’t compare to any other snack you’ve tasted so far.

Day 5: Bean chili will spice things up   

Make a chili as you usually do, only put some extra beans in it. Cut down the meat and embrace the yummy beans.

Day 6: Time for a smoothie or juice!   

Everyone deserves a sweet break, especially during the summer season. So take the time to enjoy a cold glass of blended leafy green fruits and relax.

Day 7: Sandwich – H is for health  

A vegetarian sandwich can be quite excellent. Simply mix some delicious ingredients like tomato, avocado, goat cheese, red pepper, eggplant, and others, but cut down on the meat in the process.

Day 8: Roasted chickpeas are a great snack alternative

The low-fat, low-calorie appealing roasted chickpeas alternative is what you need to be healthy and crave for more veggie recipes.

Day 9: Vegetables in bed

Why not start a day with some veggies? Whether it is an omelette or a smoothie, veggie breakfast is the key to energy.

Day 10: Grilled colors of nature  

Can you imagine a plate of grilled vegetables? Not only you can add some spices but you will learn that veggies can taste superb in so many ways.  

Day 11: Veggie pizza

The point of this veggie diet is that you don’t have to restrict yourself from the food you love. Put some vegetables on your pizza and get the nutrition your body needs.

Day 12: Veggie burgers

The same rules apply for burgers, the only difference is that you need to make it with healthy ingredients, which don’t include the beef and all the saturated fat.

Day 13: Veggie pasta

You can see the pattern, but with veggie pasta, you can never go wrong.

Day 14: Salad for lunch

Mix some vegetables up and revitalize your system.

Day 15: Veggie stuffing

Use the vegetable of choice as a base for some home-cooked meal.

Day 16: Hummus anyone?

You have already made it to day 16, so it should be a piece of a cake to eat crackers or veggies with a dip of hummus.

Day 17: Veggie taco

Tacos are already filled with beans, so you only need to swap the meat for some onions, peppers, or other veggies and spices.

Day 18: I call dips!

Healthy dips made from vegetables are the ideal replacement for the regular fattening options.

Day 19: Try something new

Look for trendy veggies or go to the market and buy something you haven’t tried before.

Day 20: Veggie soup to welcome the day

Stay on your veggie course and take a sip of veggie soup for the day.

Day 21: The final day is for fibers

Fibers are vital for our gut health, so look for food rich in fiber and aim for at least 30 grams a day.


All in all, everyone should try this fun way of bonding with vegetables. After a while, you won’t even notice this diet has become a daily routine. So, good luck and bon appetit!

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