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Treadmill Classes? We Tested Them for You

The treadmill is a perfect device for all the busy people who live near the gym. However, for many people, finding the much-needed motivation to push harder is challenging over time, as making progress after a year or two becomes more challenging.


Those who are strong-willed manage to find the motivation to move forward and improve their treadmill workouts, but those who prefer working out in groups should definitely consider taking treadmill classes. We’ve tested what these classes are like, and we decided to share it with you.

The psychology of the group

This is the most important advantage that you may have when you are at a treadmill class. According to Psychology Today, being part of a group positively affects a person’s motivation.


We could feel the positive and hardworking atmosphere in a treadmill class. What were the results? Well, for the usual 50 minutes we spend on a treadmill, this time, we managed to cover two additional miles.


These are very good progress results, as in our case, this meant that we performed 15% better than usual.


Therefore, the first benefit that you are going to experience is definitely higher performance. This is due to people motivating each other and being pushed by those who perform better. Being in a group creates that natural sense of competition, where you feel motivated.

Instructions from a professional

While you might be able to find a professional workout plan online, being in the company of one is a completely different feeling. You get to communicate with your workout trainer and truly understand why you are working out using his or her approach. This is simply incomparable to any other app you are going to find out there.


Additionally, with the trainer being present, you get to feel the right amount of energy coming from him, and that is going to motivate you to push harder and reach better results.


Also, expect the unexpected! Sudden changes in pace and other similar methods will tear you apart.

It is challenging

Like mentioned in the beginning, all of us have different challenges we want to face. However, for many, this means slow paced running that does not really provide those exceptional results you see with other people.


However, if you are thinking about joining a treadmill class for stepping up the challenge, you should definitely go for it. After the first treadmill class, you are going to be much more excited and motivated to continue, as it is going to be a truly remarkable experience.


We are satisfied with our experience in terms of treadmill classes. If you are thinking about starting one, you should definitely try it out first. There are those who are going to love it, but there are those who are going to step away from it. It solely depends on what type of workout you enjoy. If you are looking for a challenging experience, this is definitely going to meet your needs.

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