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We Tried out a Women Only Gym

Finding a good workout spot can be quite challenging. Some places are too far away from your home, others give off an unpleasant atmosphere, and some just don’t look too clean. So, exercising is much more than being disciplined and focused – finding the right environment is an important factor which definitely affects our motivation levels.

But, have you ever tried visiting women only gym? This is what we learned from visiting one and you should definitely hear about our experience – it might be life-changing for you, as it most certainly was for us.

The Environment Has a Different Vibe

Just entering this kind of gym is a completely different experience; the whole place has a different vibe. It’s a very friendly environment with a pace that’s not too fast and not too slow, and everyone is very attentive to your needs.

They already won us over when we entered the locker room. Although most unisex gyms have separate locker rooms, it was definitely a different feeling in this one. Perhaps it’s about the fact there is no possibility of some guy accidentally walking in and you can let your guard down.

Sharing Common Problems

During the workout, we found everyone to be very open to help out and share their insights about the different forms of exercise and whether they were helpful to them or not. Meeting women who had similar problems to ours – getting rid of those persistent last few pounds – was very useful.

All of them tried different methods; some of them worked while others just weren’t appropriate to their build and metabolism. So, now that our horizons have widened, we’re open to trying new stuff, because one of the approaches will definitely work.

It’s an Empowering Feeling

Working out in an all-female atmosphere is an empowering feeling. There’s practically no room for unpleasant situations – which is another common experience most of the women shared. Working out with men around isn’t quite as inspiring; situations range from getting strange looks to being constantly disturbed during exercise and even after gym time.


If problems we just listed are familiar to you, and if you’d want to replace your existing workout environment for a gym that’s empowering, motivating, and in which women can pick up many useful pieces of information, we wholeheartedly recommend a women-only gym.

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