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3 Devious Reasons Why Your Body Is Asking for More Food

If you feel like you have gained a few unwanted pounds lately and if you’re having a constant need to eat you just can’t explain, you should know that there are some less-known reasons why your body is looking for more food.

The reasons are sneaky and devious, and most people don’t realize their importance. However, if you want to be fit and healthy, you need to listen to what your body has to tell you. So, with some introspection, I’m sure you’ll be able to determine where your need for food comes from and thus eliminate it.

Irregular Nutrition

Ironically enough, the usual source of extensive need for food comes from an irregular diet. If you’re leading a hectic life that leaves very little room for home cooked meals to be consumed throughout the day, this is probably the case with you. Check out the following five items, because those unwanted pounds are probably a result of one of the following:

  • Too many processed carbs
  • Too little protein
  • Not enough fat
  • Uneven meals
  • Eating too fast
  • Dehydration

Poor Sleeping Habits

Another very sneaky but powerful reason why your body wants more food is your sleeping pattern. If you have practically no healthy sleeping habits and you sacrifice your sleep in order to take on more responsibilities, it’s no wonder that your body feels neglected, so to speak.

While you sleep, your mind processes the information you received the previous day, while your body heals and charges its batteries. So, when you try to keep going without adequate rest, you will intuitively turn to a potent source energy – high-calorie food. If this is your current situation, you’ll probably manage to get rid of those pounds by introducing a healthy sleeping pattern to your life.

Being Exposed to Continuous Stress

You’ve probably heard about stress eating, and although you may never have blamed stress for your extra weight before, there’s a chance that it’s the reason why you’re putting on all that extra weight. On one hand, your body is looking for more meals because stress is burning calories, and on the other – without getting into too many details – you’re probably trying to find comfort in food.


So, there you have it – three unusual but very strong reasons why you’ve been gaining extra weight lately, and why your body keeps asking for more food than it normally would. Before you throw yourself on an unhealthy diet that will force you to starve yourself for a couple of months, try working out the real source of your overeating and eliminate it accordingly. It might save you a lot of trouble and protect your mental and physical health.

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  1. You ain’t wrong about stress! I can eat 600 calories of steak and if something mega-stressful happens, twenty minutes later I am fake hungry. I think because we’ve all been conditioned on processed carbs as “comfort food” that once stress takes hold the first thing we do is say ‘what can I eat to make myself feel better!?’


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