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Drinking Tea for Weight Loss: Does it Really Work?

People all around the world have been drinking tea for ages. Whether used as a means to treat the common cold or a hot potion to warm up your body during the harsh winter, a cup of tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that protect us from diseases.

However, the question is can tea help you lose weight? And the research suggests it can, especially if combined with a healthy diet and exercise. In fact, green tea increases fat burning and improves exercise performance. But how and to what extent can one expect to see the weight loss results?


Green Tea in Action        

Green tea is packed with beneficial ingredients. First of all is, of course, caffeine, which is famous for its fat burning properties, and the second crucial component are the powerful antioxidants, better known as catechins.   

However, we can single out an essential substance that speeds up our metabolism processes. This active component or EGCG is in charge of burning fat until the it becomes available as an energy source for use in muscle cells or other cells that need it.

Nevertheless, EGCG and caffeine make a powerful duo by enhancing their mutual course of action to truly help you naturally lose weight. And it goes without saying that putting some milk in it is not allowed.


How Many Calories does Green Tea Burn?

As already mentioned, in order for green tea work its magic, you should have a regular workout plan. If we take a closer look at the studies, men who drank green tea and green tea extracts combined with regular exercise, burned over 17% more fat than men who didn’t include green tea in their diet. In addition, green tea intake shows positive effects both during the workout and while resting.

Regarding calories, tea increases the rate at which calories are burned by approximately 4% to 8%. So, depending on your average calorie intake and metabolism, green tea can help you burn up to 80 more calories a day, though the energy expenditure and 24-hour fat oxidation are a bit lower in women than men.

Still, one thing is guaranteed, regular green tea consumption empowers metabolism and assists people in burning about 3-4% more calories per day. Meaning that those who take pleasure in this warm refreshment automatically lower their total daily calories without making an effort.


Overall, the stories are true – drinking tea is good for weight loss. Then again, not just any tea can help you burn calories – the answer lies in green tea and its components. Therefore, those on a weight loss mission should definitely consider adding green tea to their diet. After all, losing a few extra pounds over several months without doing any additional work is a dream come true.  

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