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Stop Fat-Shaming Yourself and Learn How to Love the Gorgeousness That You Are

A wise woman, Lucille Ball, once said: “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” We hear these quotes every single day, but how many of us truly understand the meaning behind it?

The problem is because even if begin to feel good about ourselves someone else will come and say something that triggers our fears and put us right back into that devastating self-hating state of mind. However, as soon as you learn to accept you as you are – curves, love handles, and all that makes you unique – only then can you really take over the world.

You are Your Best Friend  

Have a serious talk with yourself, preferably by looking in the mirror. Would you say things such as “you’re fat” or “you’re ugly” to your friends? Of course not, you would be open and give a positive advice to your pal. Show the same kindness to your beautiful self. Because you are, because it is true, and because due to constantly criticizing yourself you forget there is much more to the world than pitying yourself.

Change that Chain of Thoughts   

First of all, don’t be afraid to tell your circle of friends to avoid using words like “fat” and openly talk about things that make you feel bad. The same applies to you the next time you open a magazine and think about how your body doesn’t fit in the concept of pretty. Look for a positive role model like Ashley Graham who shines simply due to self-love, which gives her the confidence that you are lacking.

Take Charge

We all have our weak spots, the trick is to recognize them. You will not suddenly be body positive all the time, but when you get to that low point, just think about how you’re not very confident right now and that is absolutely OK. Even the most attractive women you know don’t feel great about their body at times. It’s normal, so give yourself a positive complement each day and accept that it’s fine to feel under the weather sometimes.  

When you catch yourself bashing your own attributes, try saying something nice you love about yourself. For example, “my but is looking good today” or simply use an inspiring quote to get to the next phase of accepting your body.


There are so many interesting ways to spend time on than repeating the same old negative patterns all over again. Once you realize that, you will start to work on your self-esteem and self-respect because, after all, that is the quality to be admired for.       

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