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Detox 101: A Cheatsheet for Cleansed and Nurtured Body

The weekend has just passed, but you’re already feeling puffy and fatigued? It’s nothing to stress about – that’s only your body telling you that it’s cleansing time. There are numerous ways to detoxify yourself from the inside out, so stay calm, put a kettle on, and keep reading.

Water & Tea

Detox regimes are all about resting, cleansing and nourishing your body, so why not begin by preparing yourself a nice, soothing beverage? We’re talking about a large cup of tea, of course, with a tall glass of fresh water on the side. When it comes to eliminating toxins, these two make a powerful pair.

While tea packs all the antioxidants you need, water rehydrates your body. Together, they improve your digestive system, making it easier for impurities and waste to leave your body for good. Make it your morning ritual, and you’ll feel healthy and energized throughout the day.  

A Plateful of Wellness

Not only are veggies and fruits delightfully yummy, but they also make a perfect addition to your detox diet. They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but so do avocados and ginger, artichokes and garlic. If you keep your plate as colorful as you can, the toxins won’t have any chance.

In case whole grains, seeds, and nuts aren’t already a part of your weekly menu, make sure to include them as well. They’ll cleanse your blood first, then refill your body with wholesome nutrients. Experiment with salads and smoothies, and always have a bag of walnuts in your pocket.

Healthy & Convenient

Whatever you do, stay away from processed foods. Granola bars, fruit snacks, and TV dinners might be convenient when you’re busy living your life to the fullest, but they are terrible for your blood pressure. Sooner rather than later, they’ll only slow you down.

The reason we’ve mentioned salads and smoothies in the first place is that they are just as convenient – simply throw in some greens and seeds, and you’ve got yourself a wholesome meal to keep you full, protected and toxin-free wherever you go.

Sweating It Out

While organic foods fight toxins on the inside, frequent exercise can help you sweat them out. Of course, physical training improves your blood circulation and metabolism too, so do your best to make gym hours a regular part of your schedule.

Also, treat yourself with a long and relaxing visit to a sauna. Experts claim that this is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your body through sweat, and we agree. Add a massage session here and there, and your body will receive the pampering treatment it deserves.


With so many external pollutants attacking it every day, your body surely needs a little energy boost from the inside. Nurture it well, and it will keep you protected and healthy for years to come.


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