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I Lost 72 Pounds by Eating More

When you grow up without understanding how important is to exercise – like I did – and you have a sweet tooth, chances are that you will have a couple of extra pounds throughout your whole childhood. Chubby kids may look cute to others, but when you’re that kid, it isn’t all that fun. The real problem appears when you become a grownup that has more than a couple of pounds more – seventy-two to be exact.

Well, I started my journey to my perfect weight by filling my diet with proteins, so my nutrition consisted out of meals like chicken and eggs. So, apart from taking sweets and junk food out of my schedule, I also started walking/jogging for an hour and a half which I repeated three times a week.

I had some luck with this project actually – I started dating a personal trainer. After that happened, I became practically a piece of inventory in the gym and I started a very serious regimen – twice a day, five times a week.

In the morning, cardio training was on the schedule while evenings were dedicated to straight training. Although I didn’t really understand it before this period in my life, the feeling of working on your body is addictive – I could see the change and I really loved what I saw. It took me four months to get rid of sixty-five pounds and every minute I spent in the gym was paying off.

Once obsessed with the numbers that the scale showed every day and sometimes several times depending on my current feeling of insecurity, I now don’t pay any attention to it. I feel good about myself, I feel healthy and I now believe that discipline is all it takes to achieve a goal such as this. I had my lazy moments before going to the gym, but fortunately, there’s nothing a hot cup of coffee can’t fix and my suggestion is to have one a half an hour before exercise time.

When it comes to my current nutrition, I try to keep it healthy for most of the time, but the truth is I allow myself a delicious snack every now and then. During one week, I allow myself to enjoy up to two meals that can be categorized as unhealthy or junk food, but that regimen doesn’t affect my figure in a wrong way. So, as long as you’re determined and hardworking, I’m sure you will achieve your perfect weight as well. And when that happens, I promise you won’t be experiencing any guilt when you dig into your favorite meal.

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