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The Most Insane Celebrity Diets of All Time

If you think your diet is crazy – check out what these famous celebrities did to lose weight and get healthy!


Marilyn Monroe

The most famous bombshell of all time had an interesting diet, but perhaps typical for celebrities of her time. Marilyn began her morning with a warm, whipped concoction of raw eggs and milk! Then, at dinner, she feasted on broiled meat with a small handful of carrots… Finished off with a sumptuous ice-cream sundae!


Kate Middleton

Everyone’s favorite royal celebrity was inspired by French cooking to shed any unwanted pounds for her special day! She followed the Dukan regimen which focuses protein and vegetables early on and then gets less strict week by week depending on your current weight and future goals.



To get herself in tip-top shape for her scene-stealing role in the film Dreamgirls, Beyoncé embarked on an extreme liquid diet consisting solely of water, lemon, and cayenne pepper!



Not one to be outdone by any celebrity of the past or present, Madonna adheres to a super strict diet based on the benefits of macrobiotics which forbids any dairy, meat, or wheat.


Sarah Michelle Geller

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ate nothing but cabbage soup for seven days to lose weight, before slowly adding things like veggies and fruit and yogurt back into her diet!


Gwyneth Paltrow

The queen of green eating, and perhaps the most vocal celebrity when it comes to her diet, began her health journey after finding out she had been plagued by a number of undiagnosed food allergies. Nowadays, she skips the bread and even eggplants and tomatoes and maintains a primarily vegan diet by drinking lots of green juices.


Lady Gaga

In what might be the weirdest diet ever followed by a celebrity, Lady Gaga apparently went with the baby food diet to lose some extra weight! In this case, you replace breakfast and lunch with baby food and then try to focus on a well-balanced dinner. This is another one Gwyneth Paltrow has tried!


Although we do not recommend trying these diets without the approval of a dietician, we thought these could inspire you!

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