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Easy Ways to Eat Healthy When You Live On Your Own

It always seems like eating healthy should be easy when you’re living alone. You only have yourself to worry about, so there shouldn’t be any problems, right? Except until you remember that the problem is… Well, you. Because, let’s be honest, when the work week is over and all you have left in the fridge are some wilted and probably rotten leftovers – that’s when you’re going to call up your friends for a fun meal out, or worse, place yet another order for delivery from the Thai place around the corner. But there are a few things you can do to make eating healthy on-the-reg easy and fun!


First of all, plan, prepare, and organize.


Preparation is key to accomplishing any goal. When it comes to eating healthy meals, it also means cutting down on the excessive time and cost associated with dieting. At the beginning of each week, make a meal plan with some easy variations and then take care of all the chopping, sorting, steaming, mixing, etc. ahead of time. It’s also essential to invest in some handy containers to make it easier to store everything and keep all your ingredients well-organized and easy to find and identify! All this will make it way easier to whip up something delicious and different later on.


Next, take advantage of your fridge.


Armed with your new food-storage containers, it’s time to get used to storing fruits and veggies in the fridge and freezer. You’ll avoid the constant turnover of rotten produce and you’re also guaranteed to save money. You’ll have fresh fruit ready for smoothies, great leftovers to spice up a new meal, and fresh ingredients on hand to throw together something fun and different! Another great option? Soup! Soup is not only ridiculously good for you – it’s easy to make, super versatile which makes it super budget-friendly, and easy to store! Make a big pot and freeze some for later!


Which brings us to my last suggestion.


Pay attention to the serving size of a recipe! Eight servings of a meal is obviously too much for one person, no matter how healthy it is. Don’t hesitate to simplify recipes or cut them in half! But remember, if you’ve got leftovers, those always have a home in your freezer for later!

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