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Fun Workout: Exercises You Should Definitely Try on the Beach

You can’t find the time to exercise and have fun? Well, now you can, with simple workout tricks on the beach. Just because it is a vacation and your free time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself and straighten your muscles at the same time. When you are feeling frisky on the beach, try some of the exercises listed below.


Walk or Run – The Choice is Yours  

Did you know that walking on sand requires 2.1 times more energy which burns up to 50% more calories than walking on a hard surface? Due to the uneven surface or slippery sand, you can walk, or better yet, run on the beach. However, if you want to increase the workout tempo, hill sprints will work like a charm and tighten those muscles of yours.

Instructions to follow are:

  • Take 0-3 minutes to warm-up with a walk or by jogging;
  • For 3-7 minutes, run fast while taking sides with one foot leading before the other, then run backwards;
  • For 7-10 minutes, run at a moderate pace;

Sand Skips Because the Sand is Lava!

After your finish running, you can start skipping sand. The only requirement is to jump high in the air as much you can. The sand will provide resistance, but it’s super soft for landing. And why to do it? Well, if you want to tight and up your glutes, then 30-60 seconds of skipping the sand seems like an easy “sacrifice”.

Do the Beach Crawl

For this exercise, you will need to take a plank position with your hands beneath the shoulders and the stomach touching the sand. Then, simply crawl forward on your hands and feet for about 30 to 60 seconds. Although it may seem easy, this exercise really works on your glutes and hamstrings. So, beginners, watch out!

Just Like Surfer Get-Ups

It is precisely what it sounds like. Mimic the surfers and do motions just like them when preparing to catch a wave. Start the same as in the previous plank exercise and then go upward into a squatting position as if you were in the water on a board. Return to the previous position and do it again by switching the leading leg.

Gorgeous Body Means Beach Chair Pull

You can use your beach chair for exercising as well, by standing on the foot of it with your back towards the chair. From there on, grab it by the bottom with both palms up, and with slightly bent elbows. Then, go ahead and run while dragging the chair along the way. It sounds silly, but it will bring your muscles into shape.


See how easy this is? Next time you find yourself on a beach, remember these simple workouts and be sure to try them!

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