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Worst Foods to Order When You’re Eating Out!

Most people know that it’s a good idea to steer clear of the deep-fried foods and post-dinner slices of cake when you’re trying to be healthy. But there are a lot of excess calories in a lot of those popular restaurant dishes, and even potentially dangerous consequences! Here’s a few of the worst culprits to avoid.


Breakfast Specials

Who among us doesn’t drool over the sight of a heaping plate of golden eggs, sizzling bacon, and fluffy, buttery pancakes? Unfortunately, though it’s the best bargain on the menu, it’s the worst bargain for your waist line. These kinds of meals are overflowing with carbs and vegetables are nowhere to be found! Try a veggie omelet instead.



This is one of those glamorous delicacies that always seems like a great idea, but raw oysters can carry scary stuff like hepatitis A as well as strains of bacteria that can make you seriously sick. (Think vomiting and diarrhea. Gross!) Plus, those dealing with conditions such as diabetes could have a fatal reaction to an infection. Stick with seafood that’s been properly cooked!


One Margarita, Two Margarita, Three Margarita… Floor

It is a widely known fact that tropical drinks like margaritas and piña coladas are irresistibly delicious. In general, however, it’s best to stick with just one. A single margarita or piña colada is worth about two drinks, which means that a few drinks with the crew after work is, well, maybe more than you were in for.


The “Healthy” Chicken Dish

Customers tend to order chicken dishes assuming they’re the healthier, leaner option. The thing is – the servings are enormous! Although a serving size of chicken is about two to three ounces, many establishments serve up to nine ounces of chicken in a single dish! Proceed with caution (and save some for leftovers!)


Free Refills

Ah, the best bargain of them all – the free refill. But is it really? A glass of soda typically contains a whopping 30+ grams of sugar! That’s the equivalent to eating 8 whole teaspoons of sugar straight from the box! After a couple drinks, you’ve consumed quadruple the amount of recommended sugar per day by the American Heart Association!

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