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My Favorite Simple and Healthy Snacks for Your Meal Plan

Eating healthy probably isn’t as complicated as you think, even when it comes to weight loss. My favorite method is 80/20 plan which designates 80% of your diet to healthy, nutritious meals and then gives you some flexibility 20% of the time. This way you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need without having to constantly restrict yourself. But even fans of 80/20 still run into problems when faced with the task of eating a healthy snack. It’s easy to go for that bag of greasy potato chips when you’re in between meals, no matter how well you ate for lunch. But those kinds of food aren’t going to satisfy your hunger or give you the energy you’re looking for. (And they definitely won’t help with weight loss)


The key to keeping your snacks healthy is preparation. All of the suggestions I’ve listed here are easy to store, so you can stock up on everything you need ahead of time and save it for later.


Nuts and Dried Fruit

Nuts are way underrated. Not only do they have incredible health benefits, but they’re delicious too. Almonds, for example, are packed with protein, fiber, and 15 other essential nutrients. Meanwhile, dried fruits are an awesome addition to nuts. Just remember, when it comes to weight loss, portion control is key!


Dark Chocolate

Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have delicious things on your meal plan. Dark chocolate has tons of antioxidants and will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time. In fact, add in some dark chocolate to your mixture of nuts and dried fruit and you’ll have a decadent and super nutritious snack.



For a while, cereal got a bad rep. With sugary boxes of Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs lining the shelves of cereal isles everywhere, it was easy to forget that there are tons of wholesome options that are not only delicious, but great for losing weight! Oats are easy to prepare and super versatile. Try making your own muesli and having a bowl with almond milk or getting creative with toppings like fruit, honey, or yogurt.


Chia Seeds

When chia seeds are soaked, they expand and get soft and gooey. Simply soak a couple cups of chia seeds in a couple cups of the dairy-free milk of your choice overnight (my own personal favorite is coconut). In the morning, you’ll have a rich and creamy pudding. Sweeten it with a bit of vanilla extract or maple syrup!

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