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My Experience: Getting Fit with Pilates

Whenever I’d expressed my desire for a plan to get healthy and heal an injury, there was one response I heard more than any other: Pilates. Pilates is the kind of thing that seems to really intimidate a lot of people, and I get that because I was intimidated for a long time too. Then, about a year ago, I hurt my back and my health started to decline. I’ve always had problems with my back – if it’s not actively aching, it’s thoroughly stiff; if it’s not sore up around my shoulders, it’s sore down around my hips – and I was struggling. So this time around, when my physician suggested Pilates, promising a swifter recovery and a stronger, healthier back, I knew it was time to make it happen.


My Experience

I wanted to avoid those trendy studios; I wasn’t looking for a fashion. I found a small, independent studio nearby which focused on super small classes so the teacher can pay adequate attention to everyone in the room. That meant I never had to worry about doing an exercise wrong and injuring myself even further. Having someone there to offer one-on-one guidance and encouragement made all the difference, and it motivated me to stay on track with my overall plan. In fact, I would say this is the most important thing when it comes to Pilates. Find teachers and a studio who are really dedicated to your overall health on an individual level.


What I Love About Pilates

I love Pilates because it keeps your mind busy and centers around building strength through perfectly executed exercises that really know how to target all the muscle groups. After nearly a year of practicing Pilates, I am not only stronger and more toned, I’m always WAY more flexible than I’ve ever been and I am effectively back pain-free!


Pilates classes can be pretty pricey, but as you get more familiar with the exercises, just as in yoga, you can do more of it on your own at home and make it a part of your daily exercise plan. Many studios offer deals for first-time students, so see what’s out there and give it a try for a few weeks. I guarantee you’ll be a lot keener on keeping it up than you might think.

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