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Reflexology: A Diet Free Weight Loss

You’d be forgiven for thinking that reflexology, acupressure, and massage are one and the same thing. They can feel very similar. Reflexology is a form of health therapy used to balance the body, help it relax, and temporarily alleviate minor aches and pain. It’s based on the hypothesis that different body parts are connected, so affecting one will influence the other. It’s gaining traction globally as a non-intrusive complementary alternative medicine.

Reflexology and Its Many Health Benefits

Reflexologists tend to the needs of clients who need help alleviating digestive, muscular, neurological and other symptoms. From minor headaches or anxieties to degenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis- all of these fall under the scope of reflexology. Insomnia, arthritis, sports injuries, and hormonal imbalances – they’re all on the reflexologist’s to-do list. And even if you’re tickety-boo, the practitioner will see you, too!

Work Out Your Reflexology Plan

A session typically lasts under 60 minutes. During that time, your internal organs, glands, muscles, bones, ganglions, and nerves will be addressed in turn, insisting on the ones that hurt or worry you. Your practitioner will be kneading through lumps and bumps throughout. You may hear the odd snap and pop. Not to worry: it’s perfectly harmless.

You may experience a general feeling of well-being, warmth, localised tingling in the body, or even energy ‘moving’ from pressure point to organ. After the session, you should feel relief from pain, slightly more limber and perhaps more emotional. You’ll have no trouble sleeping, so you’ll probably be snoozing through most of that.

Reflexology: Weight Loss without the Diet

Reflexology is very popular with people who would like to lose weight, be fit and feel healthier. That’s because it works on some of the glands that release hormones in the body and affect appetite. You can try some of the techniques you learn from your practitioner at home, as well. The Association of Reflexologists shares some of the basic points on the body and the areas they affect with the help of interactive charts for the hands and the feet.

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