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Losing weight for good and feeling full has never been so easy with these tips

When it comes to food, we’ve always known that the less we eat the less we weigh. The popular old saying a  moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is a good case in point. It’s why people aiming to lose weight try so hard to burn more calories than they produce.

Our eating habits have changed to the point where we monitor our calorie intake rigorously and scrutinise every food label. But while eating less is a good way to avoid becoming overweight, it’s not necessarily a good way to lose the weight you’ve already gained. Simply skipping dessert, cutting down on fatty foods and even exercising more in order to lose weight doesn’t work for everyone.

What a Diet Does to the Body

Willpower and a healthier lifestyle alone may not be as effective as we think when we start a diet. That’s because they don’t take your biology into account. The way food affects your hormones, the way fat is stored, and even your body’s metabolism should also be considered.

Rationing your food intake or choosing low-fat diets over low-carbohydrate diets, for instance, could make matters worse. Dieting can trigger a type of defense mechanism whereby the fat cells start to hoard all your calories for themselves.

When this happens, the rest of your body is then deprived of nutrients. You start to feel hungry, and your metabolism slows down to make the most of your calories. Your body behaves as though it were going through starvation. As the body tries to recover, it also starts to store back all the calories and then some. When this happens, you may gain weight rapidly, and even experience a yo-yo effect in your dieting.

The New Approach to Weight Loss

To lose weight or fight obesity, you need to address this process of calorie storage overdrive. Fat cells can be retrained to release calories back into the body with a diet that lowers insulin levels. This calms your cravings and speeds your metabolism back up.

Eventually, your weight drops naturally, without depriving your body of essential nutrients. There are various ways to do this, including some natural vitamins that help to lose weight. 

Put Fun Back on the Menu

When you fight the underlying causes of hunger, the biological ones, you don’t need to starve yourself anymore. You can continue to enjoy nuts, dairy, lean and fatty meat, protein-rich vegetarian alternatives, and even sweets, but only as long as you regulate your insulin levels and the way fat cells in your body store calories.

Then and only then can you lose weight permanently while continuing to indulge your cravings. In so doing, you’ll maintain your physique and your health naturally. So, don’t starve yourself. Enjoy yourself! Try our products, and take a load off, literally.

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